Latest trends..

I have recently been very fortunate to take a trip up north, to Vancouver and Holland, where I have been tracking down all the latest trends and styles to share with you.

I just love scouting around quirky, independent little shops, seeing what’s cool, what is trending, and getting novel ideas to bring back home. I was NOT disappointed with what I saw. Personally I love decorating with plants. There has been a massive shift toward air plants, cacti, and hanging plants, and it was not difficult to get some photographic evidence.

So, lets see what I found! Firstly Vancouver….

Macramé and hanging pot plants in many stores as décor.
Air plants being sold in many décor shops.
Air plants hanging in many different ways.
Air plants being used in different ways.

In Holland, the same trend was obvious with macramé and hanging plants in abundance. Here is what I saw…

Hanging plants on display outside a décor shop in Haarlem.
This was in a décor shop, not a nursery!
Many different types of macramé seen in various stores.
More macramé on sale.

So, what does this mean for Gemery?

Well, I bought a few samples of some of my favourite finds, and added a bit of my own flair, keeping in with the theme of grey and earthy colours. Here is what is available to purchase.. each for only R120 each

Neutral hanging macramé with pot, adding dimension to an outside area.
Neutral hanging macramé.
Grey hanging macramé.
Hanging glass pot with grey detail.
Hanging glass pot with grey detail, for use with air plant or cactus, perfect bathroom accessory.