Garage make-over

The final installment of what has been a 10 year project! Every year, since we purchased our home, we have been upgrading some bit of it. This has been the last, but definitely most fun part. Read on if you would like to share in some of the insight and tips …

Our project was to turn our poolside garage into a teenpad/pool room.

Original roof beams were kept to make the mezzanine in the new pool room.




Builders accidently chipped off a bit of plaster on the far wall. When I saw there were red brinks underneath I made them pull it all off! I love the facebrick!

With the aluminium doors in ( G & E were amazing and deserve a mention)  ( , the walls painted, and builders off site, the fun could begin! The decorating is the absolute best part of any project in my opinion.

We decided to stick with a black/white/grey theme , using natural wood where we could. We added a splash of red as we had bought 2 accessories, on a recent trip, that we really wanted to use.

Painting done! We decided to leave the floor as is, just seal it.


We bought a sideboard/cupboard off a secondhand facebook site and painted it Plascon Thames Dusk. Some of the best finds are other peoples cast offs!


After a lot of searching, ended up buying the bulbs, housing, flex at plumstead electrical. My electrician put it all together (using the old garage door mechanism) to create an industrial type fitting. Love how it turned out!


My fabulous husband was co-erced into building the steps to the mezzanine. We were lucky that we had kept this solid beam from a previous renovation. It was perfect for the sides of the ladder.


Bar counter custom made by Dean Dicks of Coney timbers. Bar stools bought off second hand site, as well as the 2 bar tables in the back ground.


Balustrade custom made by David at iron and wood 4U.  Dean was amazing with his insight and workmanship on this piece of furniture. I can highly recommend him! David at Iron and wood 4U was another fantastic find. He totally understood exactly what it was we were looking for, and came up with the perfect design.

So there it is… the kids are claiming it as their teen pad, my husband refers to it as the dads pad, but personally I think Debbie’s den has a nice ring to it 😉