Kitchen Makeover

Its not that I was unhappy with my kitchen, it just felt a bit tired, and I desperately wanted to give it a new life. I had been researching a few different styles, and I had a lot of ideas spinning around it my head, but needed someone to bring it all together for me. …

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Garage make-over

The final installment of what has been a 10 year project! Every year, since we purchased our home, we have been upgrading some bit of it. This has been the last, but definitely most fun part. Read on if you would like to share in some of the insight and tips … Our project was …

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Latest trends..

I have recently been very fortunate to take a trip up north, to Vancouver and Holland, where I have been tracking down all the latest trends and styles to share with you. I just love scouting around quirky, independent little shops, seeing what’s cool, what is trending, and getting novel ideas to bring back home. …

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Gemery loves….

A while back Gemery teamed up with Indigo Groove selling the most fabulous pyjamas. Many of you may remember them, but for those that don’t, here is a reminder… Since then, Indigo Groove has started a new line called Milly & Digs. It is headed up by the fabulous Emelia and Elise who are taking …

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Pantry make-over

The first Gemery blog entry! I wish I had thought of it sooner! Home décor , and especially if a Gemery product is being used, or something is being recycled and reused, is high up on my list of passions. So here goes, starting off with an easy one, bird hooks! My pantry/laundry had always …

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