Storage solution- make over

Is there any place in your home that you really don’t like, but the more you see it the more normal it becomes, until you stop noticing it? But then you go away for a while and when you return you see that area with fresh eyes, and start hating it with fresh gusto! Well, you are not alone. Here is my area!


What started off as a cool place to keep kids stationery / arts and crafts stuff, ended up as a stash of old papers, and an accumulation of junk. There were half hearted attempts at sorting out the chaos… a basket, mini drawers, a wooden caddy, but sadly this area was just nowhere near coming together.

Then, at a wholesale fair in Johannesburg, I stumbled upon this awesome piece of furniture. The answer to my décor dilemma! A multi drawer unit! Now that I had the idea I thought I would have a scout around and find some vintage piece closer to home. So I trawled up and down main road from Woodstock to Muizenburg, only to be met with disappointment. Not only were these units like hens teeth, but they were also horrendously expensive. Upward of R10 000.

So, having done the research, I decided to head back to the wholesalers and purchase my piece. And since these units are so hard to come by, I decided that I would use that piece as a “sample” and extend my Gemery range to include furniture.

Here is the after photo, stationery neatly stashed away out of sight, perfect!blog4